I started thinking about running 1 mile per year lived for my birthday back towards the end of January. I had seen a few others that I follow on social media do this kind of challenge and they had turned even older than I was turning. One fellow runner friend ran 53 miles for her 53rd birthday and then another had run 60 miles for her 60th! I was in utter shock, completely in awe of these ladies for doing this. I thought to myself, could I really do something like this? The furthest distance I have ever run up to this point was a marathon and I’ve done 19 of those in all my years of running. I even asked the question on both my social media platforms on whether people thought I was crazy to run this far or should I do 43 miles or 43k. It was interesting to hear that most that responded did not think I was crazy for attempting something like this! Though, on twitter more followers thought I should attempt 43k over 43 miles. Anyway, in the end I decided on having 43 miles be the A goal, and 43k be the B goal, with 4.3 miles the C goal.

I googled ‘ultra-running’ and found some awesome quotes by ultra-runner  Michael D’Aulerio.  Quotes give me all the feels and help inspire me; Anyone else with me on that front? Here are a few that resonated with me the most:

“If you make finishing your most meaningful goal, keep your pace relatively slow, find a big enough purpose, and nail down nutrition, the finish line of your first ultramarathon will come.”

“When will you feel ready? You won’t. It takes a leap of faith. Signing up for an ultramarathon takes a jump into the unknown.”

“An ultrarunner’s stamina is the result of all the struggles they are willing to overcome both inside and outside their running shoes.”

I spent the first two weeks of February prepping by running longer runs on the weekends, 20 miles the first weekend and 26.2 miles the following weekend. I had also been running longer on the weekends for a while now so that base was already there with me running between 45-60 miles per week. My original plan from the start was to run this on the local trail and either direction I went I would be no more than 5 miles from my car so that I could have supplies there, plus a bathroom!  Well unfortunately, a bunch of snowstorms later the trail was basically snow and ice covered and just not an option for my run. I was a little disappointed and a little scared thinking how am I going to run 43 miles just around town? It seemed almost daunting and impossible.  A friend, who lives close by, that I had connected with who runs ultras had reached out asking me what my plan was and reassured me that I could in fact still get this done even without the trail being available.  She told me that she had run a virtual run back in December and had run almost 42 miles all around town, and that the trail was her original plan too! She then even offered to come along with me for some company.  How thrilled was I that someone was so kind as to take me under their wing and show me the way!?  I decided that I’d like to run at least half the distance on my own and then have her join me the rest of the way.

The week leading up to my epic run I had my normal day off on Monday, ran for 60 minutes easy on Tuesday, 4 miles Wednesday and 3 on Thursday. After all the miles I had been putting in my legs and body welcomed the shorter distances! I used to have such an issue with the taper but not much anymore. I know that it’s necessary, so I try to embrace it.  My birthday thankfully fell on a Friday, which was perfect to give me the weekend to help me recover before work on Monday.

My friend and I talked the night before about my game plan and she offered some advice of what to bring with me in my vest for fuel which was very helpful! Once thing she kept saying to me was this: you are going to surprise yourself when you realize you can do this!  Here is what I stored in my vest, S/Lab Sense Ultra 5 from Salomon to start:  I filled both my soft flasks (17oz each) with berry flavored Tailwind my new go to hydration favorite, packed different snack size bags filled with goldfish, Swedish fish and dark chocolate Hershey kisses.  I also packed some tissues and $5 cash, all based on my friend’s recommendation.  Dinner that night was what any normal runner would eat: some type of pasta dish, my pick was ravioli and garlic bread.  I even sometimes have pizza, depending on my mood.  Give me all the carbs, please! 

I got up around 5am and did my normal routine of drinking some coffee and eating a granola bar.  Only this time I ate 2 granola bars.  I got myself dressed, did my pre run stretches and hit the road by 6am.  My plan was to run for 4 hours alone and then meet my friend back at my house at 10am. I knew by that point I’d need to come home to get more hydration, fuel, bathroom and possibly change my shirt or whatever I may need.  What I didn’t plan on was seeing so much black ice out there. I knew I would be having to stop to get through snowbanks but not so much ice! Because this was my own birthday run and the first time ever running this far, time didn’t matter so I wasn’t letting it bother me and just tried to be careful. 

It was chilly to start off (28 degrees with a real feel of 25ish), so I brought my warm mittens from Turtle Gloves with me and they worked perfectly! It has only taken me 20+ years of running to realize that mittens are best when it’s freezing! I knew from talking to my coach to try my best to keep the pace between 10-10:30 per mile so that I could save my legs for once it got tough! Thankfully it wasn’t too hard to stay in that range with having to stop for snow and ice and cars and lights, etc.  I stayed in my neighborhood for about 2 miles then at that point it was light out, so I made my way out and I was off. I hadn’t really planned out my route but knew what neighborhoods I was going to head to and see how the miles played out before having to go back to my house.  I had to go to the bathroom around mile 9-10 but the wawa I was going to stop at was so busy and I decided to skip it and ended up going to a grocery store many miles later.  Unfortunately, in the dead of winter it’s not as easy to use the bathroom outside as all the trees have lost their leaves and there is nowhere to hide!  I brought my phone with me but wasn’t going to use it for music because the battery wouldn’t last all day. I ended up buying an AM/FM small radio that I brought with me and just listened to 92.5 the whole time.  A lot of what I thought about during these first 4 hours was how was my run going to go once I met up with my friend.  I knew that I could run 26.2 miles, as I’ve done that many times before.  I knew that the real ‘race’ would start after that distance was reached.  I was thankful that I would have someone there with me when I was in that moment.  It made it seem so much less scary!

I started to make my way back to my neighborhood around 9 am based on where I was at and was going to run back and forth once or twice on this flat one-mile area that I knew of before heading back home to meet my friend at 10.  One of the best parts about this day was the sun was shining the entire day!!  Sunshine on a run just makes everything that much better.

Fueling wise, since I had 2 granola bars before I even left the house, I didn’t feel the need to eat anything until around mile 10-11.  At that point I reached in my vest for those goldfish I had packed, only to find that the zipper was open, and they had fallen out somewhere, I was so bummed.  I instead opted to have 2 dark chocolate Hershey kisses.  Also, because it was cold out, I didn’t feel extremely thirsty and hadn’t been drinking that much so I started making myself knowing I needed to.

As I was making my way back, I ran into my friend who was just a few blocks from my house.  I knew from our conversation the night before that I wanted to get in and out of the house as quickly as possible so I could keep moving and not have a huge lull.  I had already set out everything that I was going to need so that I could just refill, throw stuff in the vest and I ended up changing both of my top layers. I used the bathroom, ate a PB&J sandwich, had a few hard pretzels and we were on our way!  She told me that we could go at my pace and she would take my lead with whether I needed to walk at any given point. She also told me she brought me some fuel that she uses for her longer runs that works well.  Once we got going, I had told her the places I had already ran and told her that I was open to her leading us to the least hilly spots LOL!  We spoke here and there but often we were silent, listening to our footsteps hitting the ground, saying hi to people we saw out, listening to the birds chirping and hearing the snow melting.  I remember seeing the miles click by and then once I got to 26.2, I thought, well, this is when the real race begins! It’s time to go further than I ever have in one shot.  Once we got to around 30 miles in, she gave me a gel.  It was called Spring Energy.  I had never heard of them, but she said they work well for her tummy, so I trusted that!  And I’m happy to say it worked well for me!  She had also brought me a box of candy hearts, which I ate here and there and a butterscotch candy, which I stuck in the side of my mouth and sucked on it for a while!  I drank a lot more on the second half of the run.  It had gotten warmer; it was 28 degrees when I started and close to 45 by mid-day!  However, we just kept going and going. We did take a few walks breaks like after we got up a long gradual hill.  I couldn’t believe the numbers on my watch as the miles kept clicking by. Once we passed 31 miles I said well, I can certainly do that 50k I signed up for in May!  Then I think when we got to 35 miles, I keep telling myself that I could do this. I only had 8 MORE MILES.  Really, I just said get to 40 and you have 3 more miles after that! Sometimes you just go with one mile at a time but it’s just about playing tricks on your mind to get it done.  I think around 39 miles I said to my friend, why couldn’t I be turning 40?! She then said, well, be thankful that you aren’t turning 50! So true! I needed that perspective at that point. I seriously could not believe that I was 3 miles from hitting my goal.  3 miles. A 5k. A distance I have run almost every day of the week for so many years.  I could totally do this!  But really, my exact thoughts were that I wanted to stop and just lay in the middle of the street and make it stop.  It literally took until I reached 40 miles for my brain to think this, which is amazing! And then once we were almost done, I can’t begin to describe the feelings I felt the moment that my watch hit 43.  I honestly knew that I had it in me to run this far but you really never do realize exactly what you are capable of accomplishing until you are in that moment and pushing yourself to do your best and to keep going!  As I ran those last 20 miles I kept thinking about David Goggins 40% rule.  When your mind is telling you you’re done, you’re only 40 percent done. Now let that sink in.  It’s seriously true!  But, remember, it’s up to YOU to be the one to determine what you are capable of! 

I will write another blog on how I recovered from this epic birthday run!! Stay tuned!!

Disclaimer: I received free entry to the Virtual Hot Chocolate San Diego 5k/15k Race as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find and write race reviews!

The Hot Chocolate race first debuted in 2008 and now has become one of the fastest growing running races in the country, with events in over 15 cities across the US! It even won as one of the best races with one of the best medals and swag in the BibRave 100!

Geographically I live just outside of Philadelphia and I had heard about this race over the years on social media because they do have one in Philadelphia but I had never signed up for it. I remember seeing the pictures of the sweet jacket and the mug filled with some delicious hot chocolate and fondue that you received at the end and it sounded amazing! I also had heard about the chocolate stations that were placed along the way during the race!! Who knew that come March 2020 most, if not all, races would be cancelled and still now in 2021 most are either cancelled or virtual. Here’s hoping that we can run more in person races in 2022!

When the opportunity came up to run this virtually, I decided I need to see what all the hype was about! When my race swag finally arrived last week, I was highly impressed! The charcoal jacket was so super soft, had 3 different pockets and a removable hood!

The medal was a replica of a piece of chocolate in gold and was gorgeous! Plus, it had a piece of chocolate in the middle, I couldn’t love it more! 

I also received extra chocolate pieces, hot chocolate packets, nuun hydration tablets and a honey stinger waffle!  So many goodies in one bag! 

The nice part about running a race virtually is that you can run or walk it anywhere and at any time. The San Diego race was held on February 28th, 2021 and that is when I ran it. I tried my best to run up some hills because I heard that the San Diego course is quite hilly, and I wanted to try be as close to the race course as I could!  We had a cloudy day here in the 40’s and it was drizzling for most of my run, which is the opposite of the sunny warm weather they have out in San Diego!  I came home and immediately tried one of the hot chocolate packets they had given me, and it hit the spot!

If you have missed out on running this race thus far, don’t fret! There are plenty more scheduled virtually for the remainder of the year. Head over to their site Hot Chocolate 5k/15K and get yourself signed up!!

Disclaimer: I received Science in Sport REGO Rapid Recovery to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!

As a person who has been running seriously, for more than half her life, I will fully admit that I wasn’t taking my recovery very seriously up until recently. Prior to late last year, I was only using an electrolyte tablet for my water after my runs and trying to eat a balanced diet. I never really thought about taking something immediately after my runs and hard workouts. I didn’t really think I needed it. I WAS SO WRONG! I’m now all about the motto of training hard but recovering harder.

Consuming a proper amount of carbs and protein after exercise is essential. It will stimulate muscle protein synthesis, improve recovery and enhance performance during your next workout.

Science in Sport REGO Rapid Recovery is a complete recovery product to be consumed within 30 minutes of exercise.

  • It contains a blend of carbohydrates (23 grams), protein (20grams, soy), and electrolytes with vitamins and minerals.
  • Replenishment of your glycogen helps preserve muscles and accelerate recovery!

Flavor choices are: Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry 🍓 . I was able to try both the chocolate and the strawberry, and I love them both, though strawberry is my absolute favorite!

Can I also state just how easy it is to use and consume this recovery drink? If you are anything like me, you are always running late and don’t have much time before you have to be on to the next thing, and for that reason this will be perfect for you!  All you need to do is fill the shaker cup up with water, (I also add ice), then added in the powder, shake and drink to enjoy! Who knew it could be this simple?!!

Stretching, and enjoying my recovery drink after a tough track workout!

Other important fun facts about the product are that it’s ideal for lactose intolerant, and is also wheat, gluten and nut free!

And last and MOST IMPORTANTLY….. how does it taste? I find it refreshing! It’s not chalky, or too sweet – I think it’s just right! But you should be the judge of that.

If you are not taking anything for your recovery, I highly recommend you head over to their site, and order some to try out https://www.scienceinsport.com/us/

Feel free to use code REGO10BIBRAVE for 10% off on top of all all promotions! This is good for a one time use and expires on 12/14/20!

Well, one can say that I sure as heck jumped OFF the blogwagon!! I was so good about posting my training every single week and then BOOM, I stopped. I just got busy with everything. So, rather than go back and do every week I missed, I’m just going to highlight some of the things that have happened since then and then promise to do better in January with keeping this up to date.

If we go back in time to August, when I stopped blogging about my weekly runs, I was doing the trials of miles races at the track. That is where I did a series of different virtual distances at the track and competed against other female masters runners. In August I had the 5k race, and finished in 20:39, which pushed me through to the final round and then I ran the 2k, which is 5 laps and finished that 7:38. I had fun doing this virtual race, mostly because I love running at the track! Second, it allowed me to realize that the work I have been doing with my coach is paying off and I am getting faster!

I also got to be on a podcast! How cool is that? It is called The Social Run podcast and you can check them out here: https://www.stitcher.com/show/the-social-run

Stephen Cameron is a really cool dude and I’m so thankful to have connected with him this year. I had a lot of fun chatting with him about my running over the years! You can follow him on twitter, here: https://twitter.com/midagedrunner?s=11

The next fun thing I did in August was go to the beach with my family for a week. My parents and sister went as well. We just head to the Jersey Shore because it’s close and a nice place to take a family vacation. We are always a little leery about what the weather will be like in mid to late August but we lucked out this week! We had hot weather every single day and we spent most of the time at the beach or just hanging at the house. It was so much fun and we enjoyed our time together!

The kids started school in September right after Labor Day and it was all virtual. My mother in law offered to help us for 3 days a week, which has been a lifesaver so far this year! I work from home on Monday and Tuesday, while helping my son with his virtual kindergarten. My daughter is in second grade and can usually follow along with her teacher independently. Then I head to the office Wednesday through Friday and get as much work done that I can in those 3 days! We have enjoyed having my mother in law around more, as well as her dog Daisy!!

The Sunday before school started I decided to run my virtual 10k for the Queen of Prussia race. This 10k holds a special place in my heart because it’s a women’s only race and it was my first ever 10k that I ran in 2019.

This year I was set to be mentor and was so excited to mentor new friends but then COVID hit and the race didn’t happen in June as planned. It ultimately got pushed till September with a virtual option only. I had run an easy paced half marathon the day before I decided to run this 10k because that was on my schedule. I wasn’t sure what to expect knowing my legs were a bit tired from the day before, but knew that running this on the track I would have some advantage since it was completely flat. I did have other runners at the track that day that I had to run around but other than that I’d say that it went well. I ran a PR!, if you can consider running virtually and on your own, a situation where you can call it a PR! But I ran my heart out. I’ve attached my splits.

Crazy though, I actually ended up WINNING the race and I’m the Queen of Prussia 2020! I could not believe it. I almost dismissed it off at first thinking, well, no one fast ran and so that is how I won, etc. My husband quickly told me to knock it off, a WIN IS A WIN!! The race directors came to my office and spoiled me with stuff a few weeks after the race. It was one of the best moments in my life to date. I felt so damn special, and after the year we’ve had, I needed it!

I also ran a virtual relay with a bunch of runners I’m connected with on Instagram where we each ran a certain hour of the day on 9/26 and all the miles got added together. We ended up coming in first place, how exciting! You basically ran as much as you could for 1 hour and then recorded your time. It was pretty cool and something different!

The last race I ran virtually was the Broad Street Run! This race also holds a special place in my heart because it was my first race that I had ever run back in 2001. It got me hooked on running distance big time and it’s now one of the largest 20 mile races in the country! I ran this easy paced and just enjoyed the 10 miles around my neighborhood. They mailed you out the shirt and medal since they had already purchased everything before the pandemic hit in March for the May race date. Hoping to run this race live in 2021 but realize that it may not happen.

Cool backgrounds they offered for you to upload your photo to!

The rest of my runs since then have been pretty consistent with what I have been working on all year with my coach. I run 6 days per week and usually 4 of my runs are easy paced, and the other two have speedwork built it. Our goal is to get me faster, and to get the 7:30 pace to feel not so hard and attainable! I have been good with still keeping with my training knowing that I don’t want to lose time and want to be ready if and when races do come back. I have felt a little burnout though from time to time, but that is normal even in a normal training cycle. I still make myself get out there and run on those days because I know that I will always feel better having gone than having skipped.

Almost forgot, Danny and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary in September as well. My mother in law offered to watch the kids so we went to the Hershey Hotel for 2 nights and really enjoyed the alone time! We are still thinking back to that awesome weekend and wishing we could go back again!

On a walk outside the Hershey Hotel

My son Braeden turned 6 in mid November! We had a small party for him outside with our neighbors who we have considered in our bubble since the pandemic hit! We also decided to give him the Nintendo Switch that he has been wanting so badly! I think he quite enjoyed his pandemic birthday this year!

The best picture I could get with 5 crazy kids

I think that’s it. We visited a farm to pick apples one day! We still had Halloween, again just on a smaller scale with masks. Kids got their Christmas PJ’s and have been in countdown ever since!! We then went to another farm for our Christmas tree this year! Overall we have tried to make the best of everything as we could. Now looking forward to Christmas Day and then we are heading to Vermont for a few days to end the year off with my husband’s family!

Apple picking

Ready for Halloween

Christmas PJ’s

At the tree farm

My feature in Gear.com

DECEMBER 03, 2020


Lisa Perry is a mother of two and a dedicated runner. Lisa has run for most of her life, she would go running with her dad in her teens, but she didn’t fully commit to running and embrace the lifestyle until after graduating from college and making her start in corporate America. Lisa met a coworker who shared her interested in running and encouraged her to run in a local 10 mile race, little did she know that a couple years later she would be running marathons. Learn more about Lisa below!

When you are traveling and away from home for extended periods of time (for competition, training, etc) what meal do you crave the most?

A good cheesesteak! No one makes them as good as they are here in the Philadelphia area. Or a soft pretzel.

If you could have any three people (dead or alive) over for dinner who would they be?

Steve Prefontaine, Jerry Garcia and Jimmy Fallon.

How do you relax? Do you have any favourite hobbies that help you winddown?

When I’m not running, or working, or tending to my family, I enjoy golfing, reading, playing games or doing a puzzle, or shopping.

How have things changed for you and your training during this pandemic?

I have always run alone so nothing about that has changed. What has changed for me is now not doing in person races. Everything is virtual these days.

Has the pandemic impacted how you can prepare for your sport? Will/Is your competition/race/etc schedule being impacted?

It hasn’t impacted my training all that much because I can still go outside and run! Running isn’t cancelled!! But in person races surely have been. I was scheduled to run many races this year and none of them have happened. So, I have been doing virtual races for now to keep myself going and in race shape.

What do you love most about Odlo?

I love that I’m never uncomfortable when wearing their clothes. They are breathable, light and seamless. Even when I’m out in the rain, soaked, their shirts never make me feel like I’m 5lbs heavier like other brands do. Plus, they look good while training or even when out casually!

What sets Odlo apart from other brands?

I think everything I have from ODLO is awesome and I love it. ODLO has created sportswear for all levels of movement. I always used to say that the most important thing you can invest in is your sneakers but nowadays it’s your clothing as well. However, to wear clothing that can help keep you dry or cool or less smelly is an amazing thing and ODLO has created these items, unlike most other brands.

What is your favorite product? Why?

I love everything they offer but my most favorite is the BLACKCOMB PRO t- shirt. The fabric is soft and seamless, and it lays perfectly on me, not too tight or loose. It’s has been through so many runs with me and still looks brand new.

What do you expect from a brand that you work with?

Well, first, I would want them to make the best of the best, which ODLO does. They allow me to wear and test their products, and I can then share with others how awesome the product is and hope that they buy into the brand. It’s also fun when brands allow you to have giveaways so that others can try it out as well and then you hope they get hooked on the brand, as I have been. Odlo did that with the BLACKCOMB shirt with me and also with some of their sports bras and it helped get the word out on social.

I’ve worked with other brands that make me pay for the gear, and then expect me to post about it. I think that is kind of backwards and no longer rep that brand. I don’t expect a brand to send me a whole wardrobe but let me try a few pieces, test them and then if I love them, I’ll buy more so my wardrobe is full! Hope that makes sense.

How long have you been working with Odlo? How did that relationship start?

Since earlier this year around mid to late April. Adrian from ODLO US had reached to me on social media and asked if I’d like to try out some pieces. The relationship started there and has flourished ever since.

What is the best advice you can give to younger athletes or aspiring distance runners?

Always believe in yourself. Start slow and set small goals along the way. Pat yourself on the back for EVERY SINGLE victory.

Do you have any tips for finding motivation to push through tough days?

Not all days will be sunshine and rainbows and not all days we’ll feel like running or being active. But for me, I go anyway. It’s part of my schedule and I know that almost always I’ll feel much better either while I’m running, mid run or when I’m done. I never ever regret a run so on tough days I must remind myself of that. And, the sooner I get out there and do it, the sooner I can get home!

Have you learned any travelling tips or tricks through your experiences?

Be prepared for any kind of weather! It can change quickly, and you don’t want to be stuck with the wrong gear for race day.
Also, if you take a certain kind of fuel, bring that too. You don’t want to be upset because it’s not available at the race.

How do you prepare for your event? Do you have any tips for handling the stress or performance anxiety?

I always go back to review all my training and really remind myself of the fact that I am ready and have put the work in. I think the minute that you doubt yourself or your mindset goes south, that’s when things can go bad. Having a positive mindset and really believing in yourself is how I can help myself put some of the race nerves at bay.

How do you cope with adversity in your sport? Whether it’s a bad day, bad weather, equipment failure, cancelled event, etc?

I try to remember that I get to run. Others cannot run for whatever reason (sickness or injury) and at the end of the day it’s all supposed to be fun. So, that helps keep things in perspective. Plus, as mentioned, not all days are going to be good. It’s those days that you still must show up and make your own sunshine!

Rapid-Fire Q&A

What is your least favorite type of music?

Heavy Metal

Do you snore?


What did you eat for breakfast?

Granola bar and coffee when I first get up, then a protein shake after my run

What is your favourite movie?

Without Limits

Coffee or tea?


What is your favourite season?


Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

Dark Chocolate

Would you go to a movie alone?

Probably not

Window or aisle seat?


Favourite ice cream flavour?


(ed. note: interview has been edited for length and clarity)


Monday August 3rd—Running rest day! I love Mondays… a day where I don’t have to set an alarm, and I just naturally wake up by 7:30am. Monday’s are a work from home day for me with my kids in tow.

I decided to get out on my bike after work and rode 12 miles. I helped calm my nerves down. I was a little nervous because I was doing a podcast – my first podcast ever! I wasn’t sure what to expect but once I got the technology working (with the help of my husband) it went well and I enjoyed the conversation with Stephen. I’ll post a link to listen in my blog for next week if it’s available by then.

Tuesday August 4th—Today I opted to run on my treadmill for a softer surface and no humidity. I love the hot summer running but the humidity is just so draining that I needed a break!

My run today was 2 mile warm up, then 8 x 200’s (6:45-6:30 pace goal), with 1 min easy recovery, then I cooled down to 6.5 miles. It felt good and I was happy with how this went!

Wednesday August 5th—Decided to get back outside for my easy run today. I ran 7.25 miles, and this again went well! Got an email from the 5k race that I was supposed to run on 8/14 that it was being CANCELLED. Bummer. I was really looking forward to running an actual race. But I get why they had to do it.

Later in the day I decided to take my kids for a walk during a break from work, while they scootered and noticed a bit of tenderness in my right heel.  I then went out for a bike ride at night and rode 10 miles. I figured that biking wasn’t going to hurt the heel since there’s no pounding and it’s more of the top of your foot that is used for biking. Trust me that if I had felt pain while biking, I would have stopped. I know not to push when I could rest. 

Thursday August 6th—When I got up today, I still had that tenderness in my right heel so decided to not do my run and rest instead. As the day went on the tenderness almost went away. I also realized that I had stopped using my orthotics that I normally would have had in my easy run shoes. I guess I thought that I didn’t need them anymore? Lesson learned. So, I put them back in my shoes.

When I got home from work, I decided to still go out with my mother in law’s dog Daisy for some miles. There was no pain and we went slow so I was happy to still get to go out for my dog miles. It’s become our weekly thing and I didn’t want to miss it.

Friday August 7th—Got up again today and decided to skip my scheduled run again. Taking a few days off or altering your schedule when something hurts should not be a big deal. If you are in it for the long run, then you shouldn’t mind taking proper care of yourself when that time comes up. And so, this was another complete rest day. I made sure to ice and baby my heel as much as I could when I was home.

Saturday August 8th—I woke up today and my heel felt much better. I decided to go for an easy run and see what I could do. I kept the pace VERY easy and felt no pain other than the humid weather which made me a sweaty mess. I ended with going 8.25 miles. I was supposed to run 13 miles but again, no big deal if you need to alter your run! You need to do what’s best for you in the moment. Since there are no races happening it really doesn’t matter.

Then I was scheduled to finally get my hair done. I haven’t gotten it done since December so it was long overdue. I had been putting it off but figured now they were set with proper procedures and overall I was pleased with how it went. There were maybe 6 total people in the salon and I felt very safe there. Now I’ll put off going again until next year LOL. That’s just how I roll. I’d rather be running or biking than at the salon for hours on end.

Sunday August 9th—Today was the last day to run the 5k for the virtual track event that I’m in right now. I was considering just telling them to put me as DNS (did not start) but then as my heel started to feel much better with the rest I decided to head to the track today to see if I could pull it off. I did a 2-mile warm up then went for it! I ended with 20:39, which is way better than I thought I was going to given my heel pain and being off, etc. For a 5k on the track, I’ll take it! It was actually enough to pull me into the last and final round.

The last round is where you have to run the 2000m, or 5 laps around the track!

Monday July 27thRest day for me! Did nothing, absolutely nothing. Unless you can count going to Target and Rite Aid doing anything. My son complained of ear pain on Sunday, so we thought it was swimmers’ ear since no fever and no runny nose. I bought over the counter drops but even after almost two days of using they did nothing. I called the pediatrician and they called in prescription ear drops for me. My pharmacist called me to ask if I still wanted to order the drops because they cost $120. I work in healthcare as an insurance broker, so I was not surprised at the cost but am still always surprised at the cost. I have a high deductible health plan (this is where everything you do except preventive care is subject to the deductible) and prescriptions tend to shock everyone with the cost when you are so used to having just a copay for it. I have money in our health savings account so I was okay with spending, plus it is for my son so I would spend it regardless! My poor boy was in pain.

Tuesday July 28thAnyone else struggle with getting after it after having a rest day? I know that the rest day is supposed to help recharge, but it also then makes me feel lazy and then think I should take another day off. A body in motion, stays in motion. Anyway, I snoozed a bit and then had to give myself a reality check. I asked myself I was injured? NO! Was I still tired and needed more sleep? NO! Was I going to want to run when I got home from the office tonight? NOPE! Well then… it’s time to get your butt out of bed! And so, I did but did not have enough time to fit in a bike ride, so I settled on getting in my 5 easy paced miles for the day.

Wednesday July 29thCoach scheduled some speed work for me today, so I went to my closer track for this. The run was 2 mile warm up, 4 tempo miles (7-7:20) then 1 mile cool down. I ended up adding on 2 more additional miles easy paced because I had the time. Then it was off to the office for me.

My stomach sure needs a tan 🤣
Sharing my stats from my track workout

I have such an understanding husband that I was able to get out on my bike afterwork and got in 15 miles!  It was great though still super humid and hot.

Thursday July 30thAnother day, another easy run. Today was 5 miles. It was cooler but still humid out there. I looked at the weather for Friday and looked like rain all day long. I knew that one I got home from the office that I was going to take my mother in law’s dog for a run! We ended up going 4 miles! I did stop and walk with her a bit. Since this is new territory for me, I don’t want to push her too far or do too much.

From my run in the morning – this was pre run- no sweat 🤣
Me and Daisy our for our run!

Friday July 31stLike last week it was NOT raining when I got up. I don’t understand how weather prediction always goes so wrong. It’s annoying! But I got out and ran 5.5 easy paced miles and was drenched in sweat again once I got back! It was in the low 70’s but that darn humidity gets me every time!

Saturday August 1stStupid me slept in and didn’t get to the track until after 10am when it was BLAZING HOT out there. I have feared this run all week or ever since I saw it. 16 miles my coach assigns me. OMG. And the first half was to be easy paced (9-9:30 pace) then the last 8 to be moderately hard (8:15-7:45 pace). I knew I could pull off the first half no problem. It’s the second half that scared me. I know that I can run that pace and that mileage but to put it on the back end of a 16 miler. WOW! I was ready to be done running by mile 10. There were only a few other people at the track, but they were walking. Anyway, I did what I always do when I want to quit. I just get there by focusing on one mile at a time. It’s all you can do. I’d rather persevere then quit. Unless I’m injured or sick, I’m not quitting! But I still felt like death for all the back-end miles (just keeping it real here). Even after two hours of being home I felt like I was finally coming back from the dead… LOL.

Sunday August 2ndI struggled a bit getting out of bed this morning. Wasn’t sure how my tired butt was going to get out there and run. I slept in and enjoyed my coffee and hanging with the kids. I finally got out after 10am and did 6 miles easy paced. The first mile was horrible, and the second mile got a little better and the rest got better as the run went on thankfully. I was going to get out on the bike too but had errands to do before we headed to my parents’ house for Sunday dinner so I skipped it. Sometimes you can’t do it all. I’ll have other weeks where I can get out more on my bike.

Another run where I look like I jumped in a pool but it’s just sweat 💦

Ended the week with only one bike ride which was 15.5 miles and 50.50 running miles.  Overall a pretty good training week for me! 

Week of July 20th Training

Monday July 20thAnother Monday is here! My legs are always thankful for this day off. I decided to get out on my bike after work and ride. I ended up riding for a little over an hour and clocked in 12.3 miles. I did ride over to the track that I normally would have used and found that it is unlocked again! Super exciting because it’s a bit closer than the other one I have been using. I knew I had some speed work on the calendar for tomorrow so this is where I was going to head.

Tuesday July 21stOn the schedule was a 9-mile run with tempo miles. The specifics were: 2 mile warm up, 4 x 1.25 miles (goal was to have them be between 7:00-7:20), with 400m recovery in between each, cool down to 9 miles. Tempo is a pace where you are not running ALL OUT but more of a feel of just outside of your comfort zone. That pace where you are pushing it but not to the brink of death. Hope that makes sense. I never used to even know what tempo meant until another coach that I had been using explained it to me. This run felt great and everything clicked. It’s the best feeling in the world to nail a workout! I’m going to share my actual stats with you below.

Wednesday July 22ndNow that I am back to running my normal schedule since the relay challenge is over, I am looking to bike more. My goal is to ride 3-4x per week. I made sure that I got up early enough to get a run and a bike ride in before working hours. I find it easier to get the biking done before work so that I can focus on the kids, or house stuff or my husband in the evenings. Luckily my scheduled run for today was only 4 miles…. That allowed for me to then get out to ride for an hour and clocked in 12.26 miles! Love a good brick workout. One of these days I will do it in the reverse order where I’m biking first and then out for a run. I can’t seem to let my run go second!

Thursday July 23rdAhhh, Thursday… the day that Garmin crashed😫. Today’s scheduled run was 7 easy paced miles. I unfortunately did not wake up early enough to get the biking in my run. My mother in law comes on Thursdays with her doggy and stays over and watches our kids for us both days which has been so helpful. I was getting excited to run with Daisy on Friday morning but noticed that the forecast was calling for rain and thunderstorms all morning long.

I decided that once I got home, I’d take Daisy for a run in case that Friday turned out to be no good weather wise. We made it 3 miles but we stopped home mid-way so I could get her a drink of water. It’s been a heat wave where we live, and I didn’t want to overheat her. She did great and loved it! But that put my daily miles to 10! My coach always says if the miles are easy paced running more is ok as long as you feel good. Once we got back, I then decided since I was already covered in sweat I’d get out on my bike for a little bit. So, clocked in 6.40 miles in 31 minutes. What a day!

Friday July 24thIt turns out the weather man is never right.. LOL. It was not storming or raining when I got up. Usually when I go downstairs to make my coffee Daisy will get up immediately but she must have been so tired from our run the night before that she never woke up. I got out for my scheduled 5 easy miles. Once I got back I had a little bit of time before I had to get ready so I took her out for 1.25 miles.

Saturday July 25thToday’s run was a doozy. And one that I was completely scared of since I laid my eyes on it. It was 14-mile-long run with the first 10 miles easy, then last 4 to be sub 7:30. I know that I can run sub 7:30 miles. But to do it after running 10 whole miles? That seems tough! I headed to the other track that I have been going to because it’s a little less crowded than my original one. And I made sure to bring 5 water bottles and my salt stick chews. I didn’t end up getting there til after 10am so I was thankful for the sun when it was tucked behind the clouds. I also had to add in 1 mile all out to this workout to do part of this track challenge that I am a part of. My colleague asked me what I thought I could run this in and said I had hoped 5:55. I ended up running 5:59 for it. So, I was thrilled. I know I can get down to that 5:55. So my run was 2 miles easy, 1 mile all out. Once I was done this, I was actually ready to head home. I was toast! How the heck was going to run 11 more miles. Seriously!! I decided that I needed to take things 1 mile at a time. I had to run 7 more miles easy paced and then the last 4 fast. I don’t know how but I got thru this and crushed it! Best feeling ever!!

Sunday July 26thAnother hot day for running! I got out for my scheduled easy run but while I was out felt like running an additional mile and made it 6. When I was done, I was so sweaty that I looked like I had jumped into a pool! Love it! I got home, made a protein shake, drank it, changed clothes, added deodorant (HA) then got out on my bike for a ½ hour ride. I still can’t believe that Garmin was down again today, day 4. Craziness!! I could still see that I was ending the week on 49.5 running miles and 37.5 biking miles. All in all, it was a great training week!

Disclaimer: I received an Buff Pack Run Cap to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!

Back in late May I had been gifted a BUFF pack run hat from BibRave when they were handing out gear for our virtual summit. I immediately fell in love with the hat the minute I picked it up. I couldn’t believe how soft and light it was. It fit on my head perfectly. I took it for a run and was impressed at how much sweat it held. I am a summer runner by far. It’s my most favorite season to run in. The hotter, the better for me. But I’m also a huge sweater so even if I’m running only 1 or 2 miles, I need to be wearing a hat to help keep the sweat out of my eyes and to protect my face from getting too much sun. The upper panel of the hat provides UPF 50 protection, can you believe that?

When the campaign came up, I jumped on the opportunity to be a part of it. I don’t know about you but it’s often hard to find a good hat. Also, it’s not like you can really take a hat for a run to check it out before purchasing it so you need to rely on someone else to review it for you and let you know the good and the bad. I love that the BUFF pack run hats are so soft and compressible that they can fit in my pocket. After I received my hat for the campaign, I then quickly ordered 3 more, including one of them being the pack run visor. When I find something I like, I need it in all available colors!

When I ask other runners if they wear a hat to run in about half of them will say no because it makes them hotter. I can understand that with some hats for sure. The BUFF pack run hat is made of materials that help wick away moisture and helps your head breathe. I know that it may sound silly, but it really does keep my head cool in the hot sunny weather. The back of the hat has an adjustable elastic cord to help with your specific fit. Oh, and I’ve learned that it’s recommended that you hand wash your hat, and let it air dry! Sticking it in the dryer is a no no!

So, if you have been on the hunt for a great affordable new hat, I think you have found it! Click here to sign up for the BUFF newsletter to save 15% OFF your entire order!

Monday July 13thNothing crazy to report here for today. I took another FULL rest day because my body was feeling just so beat up from the last 6 weeks. And because I still went on with my run yesterday as scheduled, even though my challenge across the USA finished Saturday. Also, I tend to eat like crap on the days I don’t do anything. Anyone else in that same boat? It’s like a cheat day I suppose? I think we had chick fila for dinner and then milkshakes for dessert. YUM!! This week is a scheduled cut back week from running so that my body can have some time to recover. My goal this week is to get out on my bike a few times since I’ve totally neglected it for weeks.

Tuesday July 14thOn my schedule was to run 3.5 easy paced miles. In my brain I thought, only 3.5 miles? Sorry, it just doesn’t seem like a lot after running 10+ miles per day. I got out and it felt pretty good and then came back home and hopped on my bike and rode 6.5 miles. A nice brick workout!! And the weather was awesome and on the cooler side. I was so happy to be back on my bike! I have missed it so darn much. Back before when I was only working from home, I felt like I had more time to get out at night no matter what, especially using it as a break from being inside sitting all day. Now, I’m back to going to my office 2-3x per week so I feel bad coming home after being out all day and then going out again. Mom guilt big time.

Only got an after bike selfie!

Wednesday July 15thToday on the schedule was more easy paced miles, yay! I did not get up in time to get my run and bike done before I left for the office so I settled for just the run. I had hoped to get the bike in when I got home from work but decided that there’s no need to push it and hung with the family instead. Oh, and cleaned my house too. What fun LOL. My mother is law has been coming every week on Thursday and spending the night to stay Friday to watch the kids for us so the least I can do is have a clean house for her!

Thursday July 16thNot getting my biking yesterday sure was a motivator to get up early enough today to get both in. I was supposed to do speedwork but emailed my coach to ask to change so that I could do that on the track this weekend when I had more time. I only had to run 4 easy miles then hopped on bike and got in 8 miles. And then I was heading to the office and then golfing with my work crew around 3:30, which was fun. But didn’t get home until 9pm and was so exhausted.

Friday July 17thMore easy paced miles on the schedule. Also, my mother in law has a golden retriever and I ran a little bit with her last week and she loved it! I took her for a 2-mile run this morning and am really warming up to the idea of getting a dog. At some point☺️. We are looking to put an addition on our house and I really would like to have that done first and then get the doggy. I’ll just enjoy my MIL’s dog for now! I was a little nervous running with her dog because I’ve never really done that before. The next time I’ll take my phone so I can snap a picture! Once I got back I went out and ran my scheduled 4 easy paced miles. I did not have time to get out on my bike before heading to the office.

Saturday July 18thI didn’t realize when I moved my speed work to Saturday that it was going to be blazing hot. However, the nice part about the track is that I can bring loads of water, and salt stick chews and a towel to dry myself off and have all that available whenever I need it. I needed to run 2 miles all out for a virtual challenge I was in. They had reached out to me and told me I could join for free so I figured why not? There are 4 rounds and based on how you do each round you can get eliminated. The first round is 2 miles all out around the track. The next round is 1 mile all out around a track. Anyway, I had to alter my run just a tad to get this in. I was originally going to do my warm up (2 miles) then do this 2 miles all out and then do what was scheduled 3 x 1 miles with 3 min jog in between then cool down but after my 2 miles I was so done that I decided to just do 1 more mile speedwork. Finished with 7 miles and then walked 2 miles to cool down. Then came home, had a protein shake and then got out on my bike for 10 miles. And then I was toast.

But my husband thought maybe we could go play 9 holes of golf if my parents could watch the kids, so we ended up doing that around 5pm and had fun. It has been some time since he and I golfed together. We always end up golfing separate because typically when we are golfing it’s thru work and someone has to watch the kids ☺️.

Me and my hubs golfing

Sunday July 19thAnother super-hot blazing day. One thing about me that is probably very different from most runners is I love running in the hot weather!! If I’m prepared with water I can manage pretty well. I’d much rather run in heat then in the cold. I hate all the layers and not being able to feel my toes and fingers.. it’s just the worst thing ever to me. So I decided to go back to the track since I was just running easy paced miles. I brought tons of water and salt stick chews and got my 10 miles in. The last 2 miles were harder than they should have been but that’s my fault. I should have woken up earlier to beat the heat but decided to sleep in and didn’t get out till after 10am so when I was near the end of my run it was BLAZING hot.

I wrote my post on Sunday on twitter and Instagram about how age is simply a number. And that you shouldn’t let age define what you think you are capable of accomplishing!! I feel fitter than I ever have been and I’ve been running for over 20 years. You just need to keep showing up and working hard every day, every week 👊🏽