BibRave Brand Discount Codes

BibRave is a running community that connects runners with the best races. It’s the place to research races you’re considering signing up for, and a place to leave feedback on races you’ve completed. BibRave is also a way for races and running brands to connect with socially savvy runners – through our popular weekly Twitter chat, #BibChat, and our large ambassador network – BibRave Pros. The list below captures all of the current active BibRave partner brand discount codes. Use the codes below to receive discounts on products from our partner brands. Visit for more information and contact with any questions!

Buff- – sign up for newsletter & get 15% off.

Built Bar use code “BUILTNOW” for 20% off

Body use code “BH15BR” for 15% off everything on the site (valid through 4/1/20)

Handful use code “BIBRAVE20” for 20% off entire order

NOW® Foods – use code NOWSPORTS20 for 20% off 

REGO Rapid Recovery- use code REGO10BIBRAVE for 10% off

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