I have decided that after I finish recapping the last two months that I will start to blog weekly about my training. With everything that has happened with the pandemic and now me working from home I feel like my weeks and months are all mushed together. Not to mention that the month of March and April each felt like two separate years. Anyone else feel me on that?

For the month of March I ran a total of 169.5 miles and for the month of April I ran a total of 173 miles. I kept with running 6 days per week and having one rest day. My weeks were all around 40 miles per week. In March I was focused on training for my upcoming half marathon (Salisbury Half that was scheduled for 4/4) as well as for the Broad Street Run (scheduled for May 3rd). Both races ended up getting cancelled. For March and April my coach kept my long runs between 10-14 miles and gave me some with some speed mixed in, and others were just long easy runs, which by the way are my favorite! The weather was hit or miss for both months. Some days were super warm but most were on the colder side or raining we really enjoyed when the weather was nice so we could spend the day outside.

More towards the end of March I started bringing my road bike out and was riding up and down our street with my kids. My daughter finally decided that she wanted to learn to ride her bike and did so in just two days!! She is 6. My son on the other hand decided that at age 3 1/2 he was going to ride a two wheeler and did! He’s 5 1/2 now. We are fortunate enough to live on a no outlet street so the kids can all play in the street without worry of being hit by a car. I will be honest here and say that once we were ordered to work from home for 2 weeks on March 13th that I really enjoyed no longer commuting to work (40ish mins one way), wearing suits and heels, being rushed every which were, and worn thin from not having enough time to fit it all in. The schoolwork that was sent home was in paper form and we completed that each day with no issues. My daughter did catch the flu, diagnosed on 3/18. That day she woke up with a fever and a cough, both systems of COVID-19. I had to beg the doctor to see us that day. It was crazy times! Thankfully I worked very hard to keep the kids separate and my husband and I took Tamiflu to be proactive and no one else in the house got sick.

During both months I still continued on with having speed work sessions, 2x per week. To me, it was an outlet that I still needed, and now even more, because of the new kind of stress work from home created along with helping my daughter with virtual learning and trying to keep my 5 year old son entertained. The days were super long and to be honest they still are and I dread EVERY SINGLE Monday. I hate saying that because I have to also remember and acknowledge that it could be a lot worse and I have to be thankful for what I have. I also added in biking 11 miles per day 6 days per week, and keeping with having Monday as my day off. On Monday I go for a very long walk (5 miles) once work is over and I then make my husband take over with kids because I’m with them all day long. I am loving the biking and ended up logging 23 cycling miles for March, and then 220 cycling miles for April. I feel myself getting stronger from all the cycling and am going to continue with this as long as I can. Now that I have more time on my hands from not having to go anywhere I decided that I better make really good use of this time. I don’t want to look back on this time and say I watched a whole lot of TV. I want to be the strongest version of myself that I can be!

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