Week of May 4th Training Blog

Monday May 4th

Rest day for me. Now that we are stuck at home, I have been taking a 5-mile walk after work to get the legs moving. I am doing the Yeti 24-hour Ultra Challenge starting on Friday night so this week will be an easy week for me so that my legs will be able to handle the 30+ miles I will run Friday through Saturday!

Tuesday May 5th

I had 7 miles easy on the schedule. I ran outside and it was back to being colder than usual so long sleeves, pants, ear warmer and gloves. Will spring ever stay here? The miles felt good and easy (9:26/mile). My average HR was still higher than normal being at 150. My Garmin is telling me that I am overreaching. I did also ride my bike later in the day my usual 11 miles.

Wednesday May 6th

I decided to run inside on my treadmill to give my body a softer surface to run on. I ran 3.1 miles easy and my average HR was much lower at 127. I think stress also plays a huge factor in the HR. When I’m outside I’m not always running on flat surfaces, and I’m now playing frogger with all those out walking and stressed about running too close to them and I think all of that takes a toll. I also used our rowing machine and did that for 30 minutes. Overall, I felt good with both workouts. However, my Garmin now states that I’m unproductive. How interesting LOL.

Thursday May 7th

Had the option to not run or run up to 3 miles easy. I opted for 3 miles easy. It was chilly but sunny for my run and it felt great. My HR said otherwise. Again at 150. I am not sure what that’s all about but I know my body and I know that I did not run fast or feel ill while running so I’m going to just go with how I feel and not listed to my watch.

Friday May 8th/Saturday May 9th

This is the day that I started the Yeti Challenge. I was originally set to start at 6pm but decided to move it up to start at 4pm. Below are my recaps and pictures from each run. It was a great experience and I’m so glad that I signed up to do it.

Leg 1 complete
4pm start time
Leg 1 Recap
Leg 2 Complete
8pm start time
Leg 2 Recap
Leg 3 complete
12am start time
Leg 3 Recap
Leg 4 complete
4am start time
Leg 4 Recap
Leg 5 complete
8am start time
Leg 5 Recap
Leg 6 complete
12pm start time
Leg 6 Recap

Sunday May 10th

I did not do any sort of running today. I did walk 4 miles to help the legs recover and tried to take it easy all day. It was Mother’s Day and I was spoiled by a wonderful brunch, and a lovely dinner, flowers, chocolate and home made cards by my husband and kids❤️. I also got to go see my mom for an outside socially distant visit for about 2 hours. What a great way to end the week.

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