Week of May 11th training blog

Monday May 11th – As I mentioned before Mondays are my rest days from running and biking. By Monday my body is ready for a nice rest day. Though, I’ll admit if I do see anyone out for a run or bike, I do get super jealous. However, I know that one rest day per week is good for me and much needed. I do try to do some walking after work to get my legs moving. This Monday night I was able to do my 5-mile walk and it was still so cold that I wore my winter coat… ridiculous! I knew this week running wise would be kept easy for the most part to recover from doing the Yeti Challenge just a few days ago and running 31 miles in a 24-hour period.

Tuesday May 12th—Today I ran an easy 3.30 miles. My coach actually only had me scheduled to run a 5k, which is 3.1 miles, but I ran too far out and went over. Not a big deal because I kept the running on my easy pace. I then went out later in the day after work and biked 11 miles. Overall it was a good day! However, the weather still was colder than normal.

Wednesday May 13th—Today I ran 3.5 miles easy and then did 10 minutes of strength and core followed by 10 minutes on our water rower. After work I went out and did another 11 miles on my bike. Now that I have started with the biking, I find it hard not to get out on my bike every day that I’m running. I have the time so I should use it wisely!

Thursday May 14th—Today I ran an easy 5 miles and then right after my run I got on my bike and rode 10 miles. I decided that I am going to start to try to ride immediately following my run and not later in the day. I know that I actually should be riding first, then running but I’m not there yet (per the whole triathlon order but.. baby steps!)

Friday May 15th—Today I ran an easy 4 miles and then jumped on the bike and rode 11 miles. It felt great to get this all in before work. (Goals!!) The weather finally turned much warmer and it was great to not have to wear a million layers. I get so cold when I’m riding… much colder than when I’m running from all the wind. Can anyone believe that it’s finally Mid May? Some days it still feels like March. Literally with the weather LOL. Like we are in some weird time warp thing.

Saturday May 16th—Today the weather was even better! Have I mentioned that I love exercising in the warmer weather? I know, it’s not the norm. Everyone loves colder weather but I’m all happy when I’m working up a sweat. The hotter the better. Today I was going to head to the local trail but I decided to skip as I slept in and I knew by the time I got there it would be overcrowded and not the safest place to be. I decided the better option was to run 10 miles around my neighborhood. These miles felt great and I actually thought a lot about the yeti challenge I had done the weekend prior. My goodness what a huge difference it was weather wise. Once I got back home, I changed and then jumped on my bike and got out for 10 more miles. I felt amazing when I finally returned home! I had the rest of the day to lay low with the kids while they played outside… what a great day it was!

Sunday May 17th—Today the schedule called for an easy 4 miles so I ran those around my neighborhood and then got out for my bike ride.  I rode 11 miles and then had a fun Sunday around the house with the kids. Now that we are stuck at home during this pandemic, I find myself enjoying my runs and bike rides so much more. I have not had any feelings of not wanting to run or bike since we’ve been stuck at home.  I think some have had the opposite and have felt like they are not motivated to do anything.  For me, trying to work from home and help my daughter with virtual learning and have the kids by my side for most of the day is my motivation alone. I need this alone time.. for me and for them. I am a better me because I have my alone time. 

This week I ran 29.8 miles in 6 days of running, coming from the week prior where I ran 47 miles due to the challenge.  I rode 65 miles, in 6 day of cycling.

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