Week of June 1st Training Blog

Monday June 1st – My rest running day! I love when a month starts on a Monday. It just seems so clean and fitting. Today marks the day that I started 2 virtual runs. One is on a team of 8 where we run Across the USA. It’s 2572 miles from San Francisco to New York. And the other is a race to run across PA, which is solo and 310 miles. I’m excited for both! Today I walked 5 miles after work and that did count for both races.

Tuesday June 2nd—On the schedule was 6 miles with strides.   I was to warm up 2 miles and then add in 4 x 100m at 7:15-7:00 pace with 1 min easy in between each, then cool down to 6 miles in total. I ran this on my treadmill, and it felt great! I then changed clothes and go out for an 11-mile bike ride!  I love when I get up early enough to get both in before work time! 

Sweaty selfie after my run!
After my ride 🚴🏻‍♀️

We are now doing a countdown to my daughter’s birthday as it’s a week away and she will be 7. She is just so excited! I feel bad that she won’t have a big party this year but she did already get a brand new mountain bike and I got her a few things from her brother that he will give to her on her actual birthday. We will do cake and a pinata this weekend outside with some of the kids on the block. Then on her actual birthday we will go over to my parent’s house for outside dinner and cake visit!

Wednesday June 3rd– It’s Global Running Day! Global Running Day is a worldwide celebration of running that encourages everyone to get moving.  My coach had a time trial on the schedule, and I’ve been nervous about this for days. Ever since I saw it. The reason? It’s like proof of my fitness level and what if I suck and also, big reason here… the track has been closed and is still not open. And so, running a 5k without having to stop in the neighborhood just won’t happen.  There are lights, and cars and people and dogs. I know, I talk a lot about mindset and my mindset was bad for this run.  So, I needed to change that and fast.  The workout scheduled was 2 mile warm up, time trial 5k, 2 mile cool down. I had to stop many times during the 5k and paused my watch. I also added this in my Garmin as a workout and then forgot to use that when I started running.  So, I just told my coach what my 3 mile times were… 7:06, 7:00 and 7:12.  Not bad, but I think I could have been faster in different circumstances. And I must state that even though this didn’t go as planned or how I thought, I still loved every single minute of this!  It was a great way to celebrate global running day! 

After my run!

I then went to my office to work for a few hours. We had a bad storm here in PA. My neighbors tree fell and took up her whole yard. We lost power for a long time which was fine until it got dark and kids were like… where’s the lights, where the Netflix, it’s hot in here, blah blah.  We have a generator but it can power like one thing so that is the fridge, so all the food didn’t go bad.  In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t very long but felt like forever. 

Thursday June 4th—Because we had no power when I went to bed, I completely forgot to set my alarm for waking up early today. I didn’t wake up till after 7am. That meant I was only getting my run in and bike will have to wait until later.  It was nice and warm already which is just my favorite. I may be one of the only people out there that loves running in hot weather.  Cold weather just needs too many layers and my nose is always running and it’s harder to breathe.  Anyway, on the schedule was 5 miles easy but I had some time, so I went and did 7. Plus, I’m feeling very competitive with the one virtual run and need to get in a few extra easy miles this week to help the team!

Loving all that sunshine ☀️

Later, after work I got out for my ride and did a little over 12 miles.  While I like getting both my run and ride done before work, it’s always nice to do it after work too. 

Friday June 5th—Yay for making it through another week at home! Today on my scheduled was 4 easy paced miles but I decided to double that. I got out early enough and decided to use my time wisely and get more miles for my virtual challenges. So 8 miles it was. It all felt great and my coach always says that adding a few extra miles is okay if you are keeping them easy!

No biking today. I was going to the office because my mother in law was coming up to watch the kids for us. It was nice to be at my office and to be able to get a lot of work done without a kid interrupting me all day long.

Action shot!

Saturday June 6th—Another Saturday, another long run! I sleep in on Saturdays now because we really have no where to go these days so what is the point of waking up at the crack of dawn? I mean, it would be nice to get to the trail early but sleeping in is just super nice!! On the schedule was a 14 miler with some marathon pace miles thrown in. It was 3 mile warm up, 3 miles at marathon pace, 2 miles easy, 3 miles at marathon pace and then 3 miles easy. Marathon pace for me is between 8:00-8:20, and easy is between 9:30-9:00. I did the first 6 on my treadmill knowing that it was super-hot out and I would need a ton of water. I then got outside for the last 8 and brought my 16oz water bottle and still had to stop home mid run for a refill. This run went well, and I hit my paces, so that was exciting.

Sometimes I still let a run on my schedule freak me out and make me wonder, can I do that? It always seems impossible until it’s done. And even someone like me who has run 19 marathons in her life, still has moments of doubt. It’s crazy but a lot of running is your mindset. A good mindset can really change everything! The rest of the day was spent watching the kids go back and forth from our blow-up water slide to the blow-up pool, and so forth. I do love the heat, but the humidity was so bad it just felt like you were walking around in soup.


Sunday June 7th—Last day of the week.. make it count! The weather was picture perfect today. There was NO humidity and it was sunny. A day that you want to spend outside all day long. I started with my run, 6 miles easy and then a quick outfit change and got on the bike for 12 miles. I mentioned on Instagram that I have no fancy bike outfits or gloves and I’m not even wearing my clip shoes at this point cause I’m just going around our neighborhood. My point with all that rambling is that you don’t need any of that stuff to get out there and get after it!

Then came back to get ready for a little outside birthday celebration for my daughter. She had fun and felt special so that’s all that matters. We didn’t go inside for the day until around 8pm so I was pretty exhausted at that point.

Birthday girl!

I ended the week with running 48 miles, biking 35 and walking 5 miles. Overall, it was a great training week for me!!

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