Week of July 27th Training

Monday July 27thRest day for me! Did nothing, absolutely nothing. Unless you can count going to Target and Rite Aid doing anything. My son complained of ear pain on Sunday, so we thought it was swimmers’ ear since no fever and no runny nose. I bought over the counter drops but even after almost two days of using they did nothing. I called the pediatrician and they called in prescription ear drops for me. My pharmacist called me to ask if I still wanted to order the drops because they cost $120. I work in healthcare as an insurance broker, so I was not surprised at the cost but am still always surprised at the cost. I have a high deductible health plan (this is where everything you do except preventive care is subject to the deductible) and prescriptions tend to shock everyone with the cost when you are so used to having just a copay for it. I have money in our health savings account so I was okay with spending, plus it is for my son so I would spend it regardless! My poor boy was in pain.

Tuesday July 28thAnyone else struggle with getting after it after having a rest day? I know that the rest day is supposed to help recharge, but it also then makes me feel lazy and then think I should take another day off. A body in motion, stays in motion. Anyway, I snoozed a bit and then had to give myself a reality check. I asked myself I was injured? NO! Was I still tired and needed more sleep? NO! Was I going to want to run when I got home from the office tonight? NOPE! Well then… it’s time to get your butt out of bed! And so, I did but did not have enough time to fit in a bike ride, so I settled on getting in my 5 easy paced miles for the day.

Wednesday July 29thCoach scheduled some speed work for me today, so I went to my closer track for this. The run was 2 mile warm up, 4 tempo miles (7-7:20) then 1 mile cool down. I ended up adding on 2 more additional miles easy paced because I had the time. Then it was off to the office for me.

My stomach sure needs a tan 🤣
Sharing my stats from my track workout

I have such an understanding husband that I was able to get out on my bike afterwork and got in 15 miles!  It was great though still super humid and hot.

Thursday July 30thAnother day, another easy run. Today was 5 miles. It was cooler but still humid out there. I looked at the weather for Friday and looked like rain all day long. I knew that one I got home from the office that I was going to take my mother in law’s dog for a run! We ended up going 4 miles! I did stop and walk with her a bit. Since this is new territory for me, I don’t want to push her too far or do too much.

From my run in the morning – this was pre run- no sweat 🤣
Me and Daisy our for our run!

Friday July 31stLike last week it was NOT raining when I got up. I don’t understand how weather prediction always goes so wrong. It’s annoying! But I got out and ran 5.5 easy paced miles and was drenched in sweat again once I got back! It was in the low 70’s but that darn humidity gets me every time!

Saturday August 1stStupid me slept in and didn’t get to the track until after 10am when it was BLAZING HOT out there. I have feared this run all week or ever since I saw it. 16 miles my coach assigns me. OMG. And the first half was to be easy paced (9-9:30 pace) then the last 8 to be moderately hard (8:15-7:45 pace). I knew I could pull off the first half no problem. It’s the second half that scared me. I know that I can run that pace and that mileage but to put it on the back end of a 16 miler. WOW! I was ready to be done running by mile 10. There were only a few other people at the track, but they were walking. Anyway, I did what I always do when I want to quit. I just get there by focusing on one mile at a time. It’s all you can do. I’d rather persevere then quit. Unless I’m injured or sick, I’m not quitting! But I still felt like death for all the back-end miles (just keeping it real here). Even after two hours of being home I felt like I was finally coming back from the dead… LOL.

Sunday August 2ndI struggled a bit getting out of bed this morning. Wasn’t sure how my tired butt was going to get out there and run. I slept in and enjoyed my coffee and hanging with the kids. I finally got out after 10am and did 6 miles easy paced. The first mile was horrible, and the second mile got a little better and the rest got better as the run went on thankfully. I was going to get out on the bike too but had errands to do before we headed to my parents’ house for Sunday dinner so I skipped it. Sometimes you can’t do it all. I’ll have other weeks where I can get out more on my bike.

Another run where I look like I jumped in a pool but it’s just sweat 💦

Ended the week with only one bike ride which was 15.5 miles and 50.50 running miles.  Overall a pretty good training week for me! 

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